CoreKube formally launched on March 7, 2016.

Our mission is to provide a platform that offers instructive and educational resources for the Kubernetes community. By the community.

We aim to be a central, aggregate source for a wide range of carefully crafted & in-depth topics, tutorials, and discussions on the Kubernetes project. We plan to have an assortment of content that appeals to many personas, including users, administrators, developers, architects, support personnel etc., along with content that stretches across various levels of expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we start CoreKube?

CoreKube was built out of pure curiosity to extensively learn the technology, in conjunction with a necessity for a comprehensive knowledge-base around the project.

CoreKube’s origins began with the intention of publishing a book about Kubernetes by a group of colleagues working in the container ecosystem over at Rackspace. Due to our varying availability, the reality of actually writing and publishing a book that we could be proud of just didn’t seem attainable at this point in time. Nevertheless, there was, and a still is a strong desire to create effective and meaningful content that others could learn from and enjoy.

There is a fair amount of fascinating material that is being written & shared within the community today; however, the distribution of this content is segmented. With mediums such as the official documention, Github, the Slack channel, the KubeWeekly newsletter, personal blogs, and tweets to discuss the project, it is up to the reader to independently source & track the material that is of interest to them. We want to eliminate this nuance, and provide an intuitive & informational experience that is culturally rooted in open-source, best-practices, and love for the craft.

What is CoreKube’s Vision?

The proposal is to generate a medley of information on Kubernetes, from many different perspectives, and we feel that a countless number of folks involved with Kubernetes, have just as insightful view points to add to the mix. We not only welcome the community to discover the content we have so far, but we hope you join us along for the ride and contribute content of your own!

As always, CoreKube welcomes any comments, feedback, questions, concerns, and pull requests!

Who is behind CoreKube?

CoreKube was built and is currently being maintained by Mike Metral | @mikemetral, but we welcome you to join the party!

A little fun fact about CoreKube, its name was borrowed from the OpenStack-based deployment tool, that goes by the same name.

What is the best way to contact folks at CoreKube?

If you would like to get ahold of someone at CoreKube, try pinging us on Twitter: @CoreKube.

Disclaimer: CoreKube, and it’s management team, have no direct affiliation with Alphabet Inc., Google Inc. or Kubernetes.